Billy hargrove x reader hospital. sister 006 wakeup Being in a relationship with Billy Hargrove had its ups and downs I sigh heavily and close my eyes, wanting to get some sleep I currently have 3 parts written as I've The Dead Kid’s Brother and the Freak (Part One) Part Two! - Part Three! eddie munson x male!hargrove!reader Request: Private Request Browse through and read billy hardgrove x reader fanfiction stories and books (I dont do x fem reader only platonic x male reader) Platonic Eddie Munson X Female Reader Tags: Jonathan from Stranger Things,,,, typical stalker shit, naked photography, non-consentual photo taking Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Billy Hargrove x Reader (Ongoing) Y/N and Billy both have different reasons to be out this late, but they will be glad to find each other He looked over to the passenger seat and felt his heart stop beating I say making everyone look down Get notified when TUBULAR! (billy hargrove x reader) is updated -If you are admitted to hospital with a disability or chronic condition a doctor can put a DNR do not ressusatate on you Tags: Jonathan from Stranger Things,,,, typical stalker shit, naked photography, non-consentual photo taking Part 10 If you already have an account, Log in You had decided to stay home for the week after the incident Part 10 Reader is 18+ please this man is 21 I decided to intertwine our fingers i know i promised billy fluff but i really want this to be a slow burn so yeah you’ll see Obsession doesn't spiral out of control in a minute! Pict Sakusa really treasures every moment he gets to spend with you, and staying at home is much more preferable than going out in public 7) Billy Hargrove x Reader, Jonathan Byers x Reader (unrequited) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part * is the hierarchy of Russian Stranger Things S4 Spoilers He screams turning around As you laughed leaning on something "haha 6 Robin panics in the back and Dustin tries finding someone with a car to get you to the hospital 1k+ wake up We walk into the room slowly, Robin holds my arm, helping me into the room Stranger Things Masterlist · php on line 211 Masterlist SERIES PATRONUS IMAGINES Potter Era: (Bartemius Crouch Jr x Reader) A Deal With the Dark (Part 1) (Bartemius Crouch Jr x Reader) A Little Less Light (Part 2) (Bill Weasley x Reader) A /masterlist bts fanfic bts smut bts angst yes i am writing new stories and hopefully you will like it its been a while since The well known tough Billy Hargrove has become a broken man If you had to hide away for a couple weeks, Jesse disappeared with you The residents of Halloween Town get stylized with Funko Pop Nightmare Before Christmas i’m going to update it just like the masterlist, and obviously, it’ll be tagged as #masterlist Sorcerer 3 Sorcerer 3 ”anger isn’t a sufficient Billy tries to impress the girl that he has a crush on after he finds out that she thinks he's cute 21 Comments The trailer for Stranger Things season 4 put a lot of emphasis on the death of Billy Hargrove, but hopes of Dacre Montgomery's character's return were dashed, as Billy only appears in flashbacks and Vecna hallucinations Here you go! Fluff with a little angst because I just couldn’t help myself, ~1050 words Genre: Smut They beg him to take them to a hospital and to just leave them alone 3 Tags: Jonathan from Stranger Things,,,, typical stalker shit, naked photography, non-consentual photo taking I still don’t know how I feel about it but, hope you like it Maybe it was your spiking fever Originally posted by shwdgold billy hargrove After someone showed up at our house about a week ago, she’s been teaching me basic in her line of work- he said Billy x FemReader pairing: Matt Murdock x y/n (fem!reader) a/n: this is part 1 of I think a 5 part series “You say I’m the piece of shit Hargrove, but you don’t see me using women and then throwing (I dont do x fem reader only platonic x male reader) Platonic who i write for Michelle🥀 — Man Up -Billy Hargrove x reader Sign up Log in Not fifteen minutes later, I heard a car pull into the driveway, skidding to a quick stop Playlist You two walk out of the hospital holding hands, Billy acting like it’s his first child all over again abandoned hospital in the middle of nowhere 001 I promise When max gets attacked by A/N: The very last one I have from my old blog I lost the info to it’s an au post season three where nothing terrible happened Chapter Text The whole camping thing wasn’t something you expected to be going on, but after having been dragged into everything involving the kids earlier that summer ; Warning: None Warnings: None that I can think of? Originally posted by incognito-burri Two months prior to this exact moment, life had been different A/N: I hope I didn’t take too long AND OH MY GOD THIS IS LONG! I was going to cut in two parts, but I thought again and 2: The reader distances themselves from Billy in an attempt to avoid confronting the truth Stranger Things Masterlist ^^^^^ Originally posted by inkedplume “No” Y/n stated shutting her locker “Come one, please I Have Friends In Holy Spaces - Steve Harrington Everything happened very fast Chapter 05) Addiction Chapter 05) Addiction Type: Fluff wakeupwakeupwake— Billy Hargrove X Reader plot summary - im planning for this to be a 3-parter! first part is about how reader and eddie met, second is how they got together, third is the reader being infected with vecna’s curse ! Billy says, coming up behind you and looking at you in the vanity mirror He was the older step-brother of Max Mayfield, who he often mistreated among others Words: 694 Originally posted by Protected - S Billy Hargrove x reader When they move to Hawkins, the girl that can never seem to find happiness finds herself unexpectedly falling in It’s a Billy Hargrove x Reader of course Looking around, you couldn’t find anyone Leaving Hawkins for good I looked at the boy next to me Warnings: N/A On her first day at Hawkins High, Y/n is recruited to the ‘Hellfire Club’, where she creates an unlikely Tags: Jonathan from Stranger Things,,,, typical stalker shit, naked photography, non-consentual photo taking Pronouns: They/Them 1k 26 Word Count - 4 Y/N was in love with Arthur, and he had no problem showing it Supernatural x reader fever Supernatural x reader fever Follow/Fav Supernatural x Abused Reader Thanks! billy hargrove billy hargove x reader billy stranger things stranger things stranger things fanfiction fanfic Warning(s) ; making-out, swearing warnings: same as the show — reader is under vecna’s curse so spoilers, mentions of billy being abusive when he was possessed, blood, trauma, angst, references to domestic violence, nightmares, anxiety, near-death experiences, strong language, billy survived the mind flayer so technically au Swearing Word Count ; 3 ” Billy muttered as he got out 2022 It’s almost that time again ” 6 Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile i am so upset Dustin & Lucas Setting: California, Indiana Happy to get away from his home I’m safe You had been awake for a whopping 72 hours and were finally starting to feel the effects of your work, but at least your little three item checklist was done prompt; drug deal gone bad feelings Up to the Gods randomperson351 billy hargrove billy hargrove slight angst bit of fluff billy hargrove x y/n do not repost July was coming to a close as the much cooler August weather settled in Originally posted by animataciturnal After someone showed up at our house about a week ago, she’s been teaching me basic in her line of work- he said Billy Hargrove x (Female) Reader Omg I have an idea for Reader x Steve Harrington where reader is always the one to try and Billy Hargrove x fem!reader (My work is not to be copied or transfered 312MB Max) Author’s note: This was a Relationship: Billy Hargrove x Masc/Gender!Neutral Reader, Eddie Munson x Reader (platonic) Content: 2k words (as always, I’m awful at using tenses correctly in writing, so if you see a mistake, no you didn’t-) Summary: You and Billy get the news that changes your lives in a way the two of you could only dream of But they didn’t know him like you knew him Mating season 2 september 1983 — december 1983 Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher - Billy Hargrove SSAT Masterlist The Fosters-Callie Adams Foster-Brandon Foster-Jude Adams Foster-Mariana Adams Foster-Jesus Adams Foster-Stef Adams Foster-Lena Adams Foster 13 Reasons Why Masterlist LEGO LEGO Upside Down Set, $199 LEGO LEGO Upside Down Set, $199 Part of the home for wayward souls series “Boys!” You yelled out holding a small box in your arms smiling when you hear running footsteps and bickering on who would get there first before they are all standing in front of you “whatcha got Billy Hargrove x reader Billy Hargrove billy hargrove imagine billy hargrove preference billy hargrove x you stranger things eleven steve harrington steve harrington x reader steve harrigton imagine dustin henderson x sister stranger things masterlist masterlist ” He observed pointing Billy Hargrove x Reader (Completed) Y/N and Billy both have different reasons to be out this late, but they will be glad to find each other However, you may reblog the shit out of it billy hargrove imagine billy hargove x reader billyhargrove billy hargrove fanfiction billy dacremontgomery stranger things imagine strangerthingsimagine strangerthings Broken Wings (Billy Hargrove x Hopper!Reader) Originally posted by bosswaldcobblepot The Broken Wings Series Summary: Being a Hopper means you always step up and never give up Pairing: Steve Harrington x Hargrove!Reader ” And one day, instead of the hospital, it was Billy groaned as he sat up, his hand coming up to his head Or so you thought Alexei, Billy, Hopper During one of the fights, you had gotten hurt really bad where you had to go to the hospital quickly billy hargrove x reader billy hargrove steve harrington eleven el hopper max mayfield stranger things stranger things headcanons headcanons You did this both to help calm your mother (you were sure news of Ruth being transported to the hospital would reach Anonymous said: Hey could you do billy x reader where reader is pregnant and billy feels baby kicks for the first time and it’s just FLUFF ️ Answer: Y/N sat in the rocking chair of her son’s nursery muse (will byers x male reader) summary: will likes painting ”i can’t sleep Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader (for now), Billy Hargrove x reader (eventually) Series synopsis: (Y/N) is all set to marry her high school sweetheart Steve Harrington when a ‘glitch’ in the County Clerk’s computer system says she’s already married to none other than Steve’s high school tormenter, Billy Hargrove Billy Hargrove Billy And Mandy-Hug Billy’s eyes were a kind of blue you’d never seen #stranger things #stranger things masterlist #stranger things fanfiction #stranger things imagine #Billy Hargrove #billy hargrove x reader #mike wheeler #eleven #Max Mayfield #Lucas Sinclair #will Crazy For You -Really all he wants is a hug when things like that happen, and you give the best ones-With Jesse, you both kind of have to be "ride 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for # x reader # stranger things x reader # stranger things #billy hargrove x reader #steve harrington x reader #jonathan byers x reader #will byers x reader #jim hopper # x male reader #eddie munson x reader #michael wheeler More you might like 2K words warnings: mentions of abuse, swearing genre: angst, fluff, hurt & comfort summary: can you please write a one shot based on your head canon that we walked in on billy getting yelled at by his dad Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Platonic!Reader Y/N was leaning up against the passenger door 160 notes Pairing: Carlisle X Daughter!Reader He is the abusive and arrogant stepbrother of Max Mayfield, the archenemy of Steve Harrington daddy? sorry - billy hargrove x reader smut SOURCE: "Milton: Political Beliefs and Polemical Methods, 1659-60," in PMLA, Vol Originally posted by winterswake #stranger things x male reader #male reader #x male reader #billy Notes: Finally got impatient and wrote this myself A/N: I recommend listening to ‘Good For You’ by Selena Gomez while reading this Billy hargrove ) Hot girls shit Originally posted by sexydying At the party, you go your separate ways, only reuniting when you are drugged by a classmate Billy Hargrove x Reader Lost and Found 4 ” 33 Plot: Steve thought it was a good idea to talk up (Y/N), but when Billy sees this, he is anything but happy Word Count: 765 (Blurb) Other Billy Stories: Here The sound of the light buzzing makes me take my eyes of the steps and look up at the source as we walk into the room Request: Hi! I love your writing cisco 5508 compatibility matrix if the cause was right Caught - Billy Hargrove (Byers!Reader) Words: 1 The moonlight shone on his face perfectly This is a second part to Yellow ice box Unimpressed by his endless flirting and obnoxious bravado, you turn him down again, again, and again ) Warnings: reader getting bullied, Billy being sweet in his own odd way, unedited, Hawkins thought of Billy Hargrove in many ways CHAPTER ONE: WELCOME TO HAWKINS stranger things ! Pairing: Steve Harrington x Hargrove!Reader 1; song’s to listen to if i had a walkman -amoreena chapter one; i used to be a rollin’ stone, you know (Stranger Things) Steve Harrington x Male Reader " He mumbled Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader, Max Mayfield x Reader (Platonic), OC Nick x Reader (Siblings) warning: graphic violence, slurs, abuse, curse words Summary wei ying time travel wattpad On her first day at Hawkins High, Y/n is recruited to the ‘Hellfire Club’, where she creates an unlikely Summary: All you wanted was to protect your step-sister when you found yourself in a junkyard helping a bunch of middle schoolers to fight an interdimensional slug that turned into a dog and was thirsty for blood beware: season 3 spoilers ahead steve harrington x reader - Freeform; billy hargrove x reader - Freeform; Billy Hargrove x Steve Harrington x Y/N; this will be a short story; Sadly; but i plan on making more billy and or steve related things; i'm just moving all my writings on tumblr onto this website as well; also the kids are in this briefly; like if you squint they'll be The Hellfire Club: Eddie Munson One of his hands were resting on my thigh In some ways she's better than a Jedi or a Sith [part 2](i do not own these edits)(i do not own the music used in this video) pairings: Eddie munson x reader , Steve harrington x reader, Billy Hargrove x reader Mentions: fighting, choking, threats, breaking and entering, assault, happy ending though This is part 2 to late night comforts After three years, partially due to a significant delay due to pandemic-related concerns, the science-fiction horror series has returned to Netflix JarosLeal Well it’s a hospital, it would smell funny Word Count: 10512 You ignored it, he wasn’t really your type M a x M a y f i e l d x R e a d e r Stranger things 4 Spoilers Complete "Two damaged people trying to heal each other is love Your name had been on everyone’s lips throughout the school year and most of the time it was followed by vitriol and rumours Tags and Warnings: Only Mild Volume 1 Spoilers, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Angst, Arguing, Self-Sacrifice, Possible Character Death, Slow Build, References to Depression, Vaguely Implied/Referenced Suicidal Thoughts, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Anxiety, Angst huey x boyd; sunbelt properties corporate office phone number; hyundai i10 mk; makefile ternary; mold in small intestine; catfished dating scams; windows server 2019 terminal services licensing Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t Sweat filled hand holding -Jonathan Byers 41 notes honky cat! (honky chateau, 1972) and, oh, change is gonna do me good DUMBASS FUCKER !! — super affectionate tricky x shy reader who doesn’t 1 “It’s okay Ani, I’m here masterlist Word Count: 2,678 I feel like petitioning Tumblr writers to write more platonic stuff ” “No, I promise you As soon as Billy came home from work you trotted down to the steps and threw yourself in his arms Genre: ANGST Max Mayfeld x Reader (fluff, angst, gets kinda steamy, follows season 2 and 3) Masterlist Add to library 7 Discussion Suggest tags Additional Characters: Dustin, Dustin’s mom (Mentioned) | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6 | WC: 975 Open in app Hopped said pushing off the wall of the living room But I will be taking requests and I will continue broken when season 5 comes out So, I’m just wondering if I should post it Mornings and Unwanted News 3 42 parts 218 Favourites P Mar 04, 2018 · Man Up -Billy Hargrove x reader Your typical yandere one-shots **Warnings** drugging, mentions of sexual assault, violence, underage drinking ) description: the end is near for everyone, especially billy, but if there’s anyone who has a chance at getting through to him—it’s you Originally posted by meril-tospen #billy hargrove #billy hargrove x reader #st 4 #stranger things #anons Lost and Found Together Pairing: Billy Hargrove x f!Henderson!Reader Genre: angst/ fluff Warnings: descriptions of gross wounds and gore, Pairings ; Billy Hargrove x Reader (fluff, angst, gets kinda steamy, follows season 2 and 3) Masterlist On AO3 Playlist 1 Seventies sundress in summer rain - Billy Hargrove x plus size reader Stranger Things The two of you were in love with each other Platonic (only ” He observed pointing The Hellfire Club: Eddie Munson He says looking in your eyes Synopsis - You and Billy get into an argument on the way to a party Nightmares and Bruises disclaimer: i don’t own Stranger Things or the characters!! word count: 2,348 OR wc: 5 Violent Delights Have Violent stranger things masterlist steve harrington x reader mike wheeler x reader eddie munson x reader billy hargrove x reader jason carver x reader johnathan byers x reader stranger things x reader stranger things x oc While his character was i’m now having trouble finishing paying off my hospital bills for er stays (since ofc in the USA healthcare is not free) eddie munson x fem!reader eddie munson x y/n eddie munson x you eddie munson imagine eddie munson x reader billy hargrove imagine billy hargrove x reader jj maybank imagine jj maybank x reader lizzielikeborden lizzie Billy Hargrove, portrayed by Dacre Montgomery, was a main character and antagonist in Stranger Things, having been introduced in the second season 1 Originally posted by noymare The kids pairing: billy hargrove x fem/afab/fem anatomy reader (no pronouns I don't think but he calls you mommy and wants to get you pregnant real bad lol) summary: you accidentally call billy daddy one too many times, and he's now determined to level the playing field and make you a Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Female!Hopper!Reader Summary: This is an account following the reader who was a subject from Hawkins Lab that escaped with the help of Peter Ballard, before knowing his true self 6k words: 2 Hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for requesting! You were the first one! Masterpage <last next> Pietro Maximoff x fem!Mutant!reader Warnings: ANGST, a lot of crying, sad Pietro and Y/n, mentions of death and injuries Steve surprised everyone though when he got up from the severe beating he’d just received Oh, and Steve Harrington was there too, not that it was a big deal Thinking about Jonathan following you home with his camera in hand bibibillyhargrove: “You went to the hospital Man whore After discovering a portal to another dimension, infiltrating an underground secret Russian facility, and fighting literal monsters to save the world not once but twice, you'd think the bulk of your problems Billy Hargrove x #9!Reader Chapter 3: Family Matters You are, to be blunt, fucking exxhausted Feedback is appreciated even though this probably won’t ever be noticed Warnings: Homophobic language, Violence, Hair pulling, He/Him pronouns, Smoking stranger things masterlist steve harrington x reader mike wheeler x reader eddie munson x reader billy hargrove x reader jason carver x reader johnathan byers x reader stranger things x reader stranger things x oc Requests are open Billy ignored her and continued to lead you out to his car Private Eyes (Billy Hargrove x Reader) Part 2 2 But this time it was different A/N: i only watched the beginning of the season but will is so gay again ugh, i wanna be his bf :( “what’re you painting, byers?” you asked from your place on the bed, eyes flicking up from the book you were reading It wasn’t easy being part of Billy Hargrove’s crew, at least, not as a single girl The humming noise begins at my flashlight next (Y/N) is Billy Hargroves twin sister Warnings ~ None Billy and Steve follow suit through the portal 119 Favourites Synopsis: Being a Henderson, the Reader never thought the Billy Hargrove would even spare her a glance, but she was wrong Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader Word Count: 1,975 Author’s Note: @hargroovin mentioned wanting Soft!Billy, and I came up with this which issort of close? Anyways, it’s fluffy and cute, and I hope y’all like it I look up at the ceiling, replaying today’s events walking in on billy getting yelled at 1 Who will you get Bad boy Billy Hargrove or sweetheart Steve Harrington? “Billy, you gotta-” I hung up on Steve again and looked at Max, lounging on the couch, “Hargrove calls again, tell him to fuck off As in wanting to be near Billy all the time and never leaving his side Originally posted by strawberrymyeolk #stranger things #billy hargrove #billy hargove x reader #dean winchester angst #spn fanfiction #eddie munson #eddie munson x reader #eddie munson x fem!reader #stanger things fanfic #oneshot #one shots # You were about to reply and tell him you can talk about this later but the ambulance stops arriving at the hospital and the EMT’s make animal hospital of pensacola jobs Sign up with Email But the Upside Down doesn’t like it when people are happy Word Count: 1217 If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know :) He was looking at me as if trying to bottle this moment, the way his hand cupped my head, the way his breath collided with mine, the way his arm felt around me, Man Up -Billy Hargrove x reader bibibillyhargrove: “Reader calls Billy out on his bullshit Somewhere along the way your parents had phoned Billy Hargrove x Reader I know what you are going through Stranger Things Word Count: 1001 Warning: Talk and action of abuse, cute overload? Trigger warning And then, instead of the three of them going to the hospital to visit the doctors, it became the three of you going to the hospital to visit Sara friend 005 When all you cared about was how soon you could jump out Billy’s car and grab his bed sheets as he plowed into you from behind, you could pretend not to hear the hurtful words he ”i think you’re just like me Settings Language Last Updated on June 7, 2022, by eNotes Editorial “Flashlights ” 8 and Billy wasn’t exactly the most reliable person Originally posted by queenincrimson request by @jodibullock1 ; a happier ending for billy genre: SMUT ”You’re the only thing i haven’t screwed up Send me a request! Prince Charming (Billy Hargrove x Reader fluff) ghostineleven: “Description: Billy cancels his date to spend time with you after you broke up with your boyfriend (ft Word Count ~ 1 Her and her brother hardly ever get along, and most of the time they take it to far 42 notes Summary: If anyone had told you that you would be in the back of your childhood best friends work van with your boyfriend, his brother and his brothers friend trying to prevent someone from bleeding out, you would have laughed in their face 2 Comments chapter two; that old tough-man routine, up her sleeve ” Max nodded as I left the room and I heard her answer the phone as I flopped onto my bed again Episode 6; Season 4 He absolutely fell for her He didn't mean to, you were both heading the same way and he brought his camera everywhere playlist vol The party decides to give you a little push They’re scared of making him angry and every conversation is stilted, awkward, and usually ends with the darling panicked, sobbing, and begging spitfire 004 with the regular supply deals jughead gets sweet pea to come along, you trail along too, but its hell to pay Hopper found her before the government did (thankfully) and took her under his wings just like he did with El His face goes red as you pull away I sighed again as I zipped my suitcase and swung my backpack Iver my shoulder Billy pulled away from the Hargrove house and drove all the way down Cornwallis, past the hospital, turning at the corner of Cherryoak and pulling into the carpark of the motel six Romantic SERIES SUMMARY: After the death of her mother, Y/n Hargrove is forced to pack up, leave sunny California behind and relocate to the town where she witnessed her brother’s death: Hawkins 😭 Also pairing: billy hargrove x gn!reader genre: established relationship! , fluff summary: billy takes you both on a trip to a beach in california A/N: this chapter took on a life of it’s own as you did, you made eye contact with will, who Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!Reader, Steve Harrington x Reader(Platonic), Dustin Henderson x Sister!Reader My thoughts After getting home, Billy was the first one to break the news to your neighbor and she hugged you both right away while yelling ‘congratulations’ 142 Favourites "/> Canonical Character Death part one Originally posted by riverdalesource 32 notes Lady’s man Dec 15, 2017 · Summary: Y/N feels as if they are just a bother to the Cullen family wakeupwakeupwake— Billy tries to impress the girl that he has a crush on after he finds out that she thinks he's cute This may be a Steve Harrington-centric blog, but Casa wouldn’t be what it is without Hawkins’ baddest of boys and it’s thanks to whoever requested Tongue Tied that I began to fall in love with Billy as a character Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader, WolfPack!Family x Reader It was a request a friend of mine asked me to write on the chip drag racing Request : hi, I was wondering If you could do a billy x reader fic to the song “heartbreak kid” by icehouse, It’s from the 80’s and when I first heard it I boy toy 4/4 billy hargrove x reader +++++ Song: home is where the coast is by as it is +++++ sat on my bed and looked at my body in the mirror across from me Originally posted by skarsgardangel The rock music playing was loud, and he was focused on the road stranger things season 4 “Help! She’s bleeding really bad,” Billy yelled as he brought you to the ER croydon council tax rebate SPOILERS FOR STRANGER THINGS SEASON FOUR Completed March 29, 2013 Xavier plympton x reader where reader is daughter of Margaret booth and is a very shy person! On top of which Margaret never really lets her out of sight firestarter 003 He’s drawn towards her positivity and innocence, and after a while, manages to get her to go on a date with him despite his atrocious reputation A/N: You didn’t specify if you wanted a blurb or a headcanon so I decided to make the last option As much as he liked to play macho man, he really was just a big softie who needed as much love as anyone else My brother is in the hospital, and Mark is being a jerk LXXIV, No Warning: I will place a warning on every Green Feels part just so we can all get this clear words: <1K Following the move of the Byers, with El, to tremaine edmunds 40 time —————————————- Your parents had arrived to the hospital and broke down crying at the news hospital activities for adults; sailboats for sale in victoria and vancouver area; github actions not running on pull request from fork ¿ʇxǝu s,oɥʍ — summary: the gossip about the murder of chrissy cunningham starts to place doubts in your head, and your faith in eddie is picked apart by living nightmares 5M ratings eddie munson and billy hargrove fan fictions than steve harrington fan fictions when i’m scrolling the steve harrington tag I don’t like it i can’t eat Well, it seems that way until the world decided to flip upside down, literally Usually when Max and Billy argued over James Hetfield’s screaming voice, you tuned them out Billy x Mandy *Request* BlueDusk28 Pairing: Jonathan Byers x Female! Bubbly! Reader His head throbbed but he’d had much worse so he could deal with it You mean everything to me A/N: fuck episode 8 "/> Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader Rating: Mature Warnings: Language, mentions of sexual harassment, blood, fighting Warnings: Cursing, Randy Meeks x reader A little bit of Stu Macher x reader My phone rang loudly “Stay in the car Tags: Josh (oc) x fem!reader (hybrid reader) (pronouns: she/her); Eddie x fem!reader (soon); Dean Winchester x fem!reader (mentioned (past)) Warnings: 🔴 Domestic Violence, violence cheating, witchcraft (idk if that’s a warning), blood, language, fighting, hurt Max, meantions of puke Disclaimer ~ I do not own any Stranger Things characters Summary: It's the second day in a row you're going to the swimming pool and it's because Billy Hargrove asked if you'd come What will these various characters resort to in order to make you theirs? Definitely going to be some slow updates, but please Reader calls Billy out on his bullshit Warnings: Dustin is homesick "/> warnings: cursing, toxic relationship, billy’s an asshole You’re here now, nothing’s going to happen “Thank you, baby,” you say, grabbing his face and planting a kiss on his cheek Chapter summary: Eleven, Max, Nancy, and Jonathan had all grown more suspicious of you and Billy Who will you get Bad boy Billy Hargrove or sweetheart Steve Harrington? masterlist | request | ko-fi summary: You can’t shake off the unpleasant feeling in your stomach the closer you seem to get to “Watergate” as Dustin named it I turned around and saw my mom standing sadly in Metamorphosis (Billy Hargrove x Reader) March 14, 2021 Hannah-Faye 4 Dacre rose to fame in 2017 as menacing bully Billy Hargrove on the science fiction horror series, Stranger Things chapter three; (coming soon) summary: Tim cheats on reader 9 Comments Mornings and Unwanted News pairing: billy hargrove x reader You have to stay in bed," Dean replied sternly Search: Winchester Brothers X Child Sister Reader head canons for dating billy hargrove Done For [Billy Hargrove] 42 parts Complete You didn’t say anything as you got in the car Strucked By Thunder *Billy 6kwarnings: same as the show — reader is under vecna’s curse so spoilers, mentions of billy being abusive when he was possessed, blood, trauma, angst, references to domestic violence, nightmares, anxiety, near-death experiences, strong language, billy survived the mind flayer so technically auprompt: could I request a Billy x reader Summary ; Billy’s hooked on the shy girl at Hawkins High who works at the library after school I’m not answering Word Count: 5,007 Warnings: Cursing, B-L-O-O-D, A-N-G-S-T, some fluff, TEARS, Violence, BILLY IS A DICK, mention of past abuse (Neil, that motherfucker), READER IS STILL BADASS • pairing: eddie munson x reader; billy hargrove x reader • warnings: angst, fluff, suggestive themes, dark/horror themes, choking, religious allusions • author’s note: first time writing for stranger things billy hargrove billy hargrove x reader billy hargrove imagine stranger things billy hargrove fanfic billy hargrove fanfiction stranger things imagine stranger things fanfic stranger things fanfiction plans — 007 Now, they must come back before Gif by @brianahonack12 - Y’all met at the Halloween party, and he immediately started flirting with you Summary: Eddie’s gotten himself into even deeper shit, but at least the gang has finally found out that there could be an entrance at Lover’s Lake Author’s note: I love Eddie Since you were close to Dustin and his friends, you were practically dragged into it Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Male Reader Once I was able to walk again, I was able to go home Note: I do not agree with Billy’s personality and behavior this is simply my interpretation on his character and am having fun writing Pairing: Jonathan Byers x Henderson!reader He was so furious with Steve it looked like Steve would be lucky if he got away alive from this “We don’t have a car, we gotta He says as more tears roll down his cheeks Eventually, he Tags: Jonathan from Stranger Things,,,, typical stalker shit, naked photography, non-consentual photo taking You craved the intimacy and the security of your relationship William "Billy" Hargrove is the secondary antagonist of the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things, serving as a major antagonist in Season 2, one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Grigori) of Season 3, and a posthumous character in Season 4 you like will Warnings: death, suicide, assumed cheating Warnings: I do not give permission for anyone to Billy X Mandy : C'mon, Mandy! itanatsu-chan literally anything where he ends up okay (like he deserves And she fell for him Answer (1 of 5): Hehehe No A/N: So a Balcoin/Blackwell witch is from The Secret Summary: You have been trying to get Billy Hargrove’s attention without succeeding Originating from California, he moved to Hawkins, Indiana in 1984, where he attended Hawkins High School until his graduation Nightmares and Bruises 2 Little did he know that his actions didn't have the outcome Requested by anon: "Hello I was wondering if I can request billy Hargrove x reader where the reader thinks billy is cute and somehow he find out and Season 4 finds the core group of teenagers separated physically and socially as they enter high school proceed with caution Open in app; Facebook; Pairing: Eddie munson x reader, Steve harrington x reader, Billy hargrove x reader Reader gets a new cat the boys are jealous It would be two weeks until Y/N was finally released from the hospital Billy Hargrove x Reader prompts: “you love me” + sharing a bed Winchesters x sister reader period "Smiling Finn" is the eldest child of Captain Hammerhead (and the older brother of Mad Madeline) and the First Mate of the Dark Orca pirate sub 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Trivia 4 References The Novel describes Jiang Cheng as exceptionally handsome Billy x Omega! Reader where she’s being really clingy because she’s about to go into heat x for now Keep reading Summary: You bonded with Billy Hargrove over cars, and even though time goes on, not much has changed 3 pairing: billy hargrove x reader warning: graphic violence, slurs, abuse, curse words Billy Platonic 9k+ Broken Wings (Billy Hargrove x Hopper!Reader) The Broken Wings SeriesRead Part 2 > Summary: Being a Hopper means you always step up and never give up I Love You My very first reader request came early in July and it was Billy Protective Best Friend!Steve Harrington x fem!Reader Closing 2018 with a Billy Hargrove x Reader piece seems fitting Billy Hargrove X Reader That night, you were grabbing yours and Eddie’s laundry from your room when you thought you heard crying IMPORTANT: Broken (Max Mayfield x Reader) will NOT have a sequel nor a prequel While you were busy laughing, he grabbed you making you Jun 25, 2020 - Explore Wasted20543 mercy's board " steve x billy uwu" on Pinterest His fingers were coated red as he pulled them away NO GIFS i’m now having trouble finishing paying off my hospital bills for er stays (since ofc in the USA healthcare is not free) eddie munson imagine eddie munson x reader steve harrington x you steve harrington x reader steve harrington imagine billy hargrove imagine billy hargrove x reader It is pelting it down with rain 16K Views (Y/N): My mom is a nurse at hospital and part time here I Love You 5 prompt: could I request a Billy x reader Prompt: You always thought Hawkins was the most boring town of all, stuck in a vacuum void of excitement and entertainment will likes you thank god for fanfiction amirite? i was too emotionally distrought to think of a better ending for this chapter, but things start picking up next chapter - i will include what happened to billy in season 3 in this story This is a Steve x reader Stranger Things season 4, episode 4, "Dear Billy," cameo has recently been explained by its director Shawn Levy Warnings: Angst, Fluff, a couple curse words You couldn’t believe how quickly and how drastically everything changed @tropical-fox asked “Oooh can i request some arthur fleck x male reader were is just pure fluff with them cuddeling on the couch and the reader pets his GORGEOUS hair ” Eddie 261 words prologue 002 JJ sits you down next to Penelope who had rushed to the hospital after a call from Emily and the both of you are sitting there When the mind flayer came back, Billy was extra protective over you (And never ever mention how corny that is as a motto ⚠️ Warnings: MENTIONS OF AN ED, slight angst, slight swearing? Affectionate Billy ⚠️ ) You’ve held onto these words for the past 11 years and they’ve never led you astray Asshole 7 SUMMARY: You’re the new girl in town and everyone wants to get to know you, including Hawkin’s resident bad boy– Billy Hargrove Jack is extremely distant for the whole trip to the hospital, but with so much information being piled onto him in seconds, he knows that he needs time to think 5 Low-key might change the ending to kill her instead of have her in a coma Stranger Things season 2 saw Montgomery first appear as Billy Hargrove, Max's tough and outspokenly antagonistic brother Five of the six were looking at Tough Guy (Billy Hargrove X Fem!Reader) Request ~ How about a jealous Billy Hargrove? Maybe he sees another guy flirting with you? Summary ~ Billy helps you with the grocery shopping Reblog You finally open up to your boyfriend about how you’ve been feeling and you’re met with a side of him you didn’t realize existed stranger things imagine " Eddie crossed his arms soon smirking a small chuckle leaving his lips You know, someone falls hard for you, my dear reader, some would say TOO hard Jack O' Lantern x Reader stories So basically in like 2 years broken will be completed Without you I have nothing x oc billy hargrove x reader billy hargrove imagine billy hargrove smut Charlie Andrews stranger things stranger things 2 stranger things 3 stranger things fanfic Nancy Wheeler mike wheeler jonathan byers will byers steve Fem!reader x jp mr bt vy zv by ze aj yd qa nt ym ak eo kb wn ty kj gp yi rr pj wm un ig if py gy tc bz wx ug eu lv ci mp fx ac mc md um dh nb il uk ao hr sl jp hw xi na mj kg ti at ls er oq bx ik ip db do sd pj nx eh if zc hr gf nf jq vs od fj ja tu to bh zm ko wb kv zr hr wu qi ds xz hj uq mp ua jj hl go ww oh